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Alcohol Proficiency test to 02.01.2020

Registration closed Full
Time to 02.01.2020 at 14.00
Location Ava-akatemia, Opus 3, Testitila 1, Herttoniemi
Hitsaajankatu 20
00810 Helsinki
Ava-akatemia, Opus 3, Testitila 1, Herttoniemi
Hitsaajankatu 20
00810 Helsinki
Language(s) Finnish, Swedish, English
Price 52 €
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Online payment:

52 € Normal
52 € Student
32 € Test renewal

Additional information

Welcome to an Alcohol Proficiency Test arranged by AVA-akatemia!

Preparing for your exam

Best way to prepare for your exam is to read “Alcohol issues in licensed premises” published by Valvira. Questions in your exam are formed according to this release. You can access “Alcohol issues in licensed premises” through Alcoholpassport.fi/material web-page.

There will be total 30 questions in the question-sheet, which of 80 % must be answered correct. You will pass the test with 24 correct answers. Questions are mainly with multiple-choice answers, some require additional brief written answer.

During the exam

Please prepare to take your identity card with you. Before the test you will be asked also to provide your social security code and address for your certificate.

Test has to be performed individually, without any written material. Please take your own pencil and eraser with you so you are able to fix your answer in case of a mistake.

After the exam

Return your test paper to the exam supervisor. Supervisor will mail your results to AVA-instituutti for inspection. After the results are reviewed you will receive your result and your temporary certificate to your email. When you have passed the test, you will receive your certification for serving alcohol, Alcohol Passport, by mail. The Alcohol Passport will be mailed to your home address. Supply a copy of the Alcohol Passport to your superior.

Good luck!