5 Tips for the Alcohol Passport Test

Successfully completing the Alcohol Passport test requires careful preparation. We have gathered five tips to help you prepare and pass the Alcohol Passport test!

1. Register for the test in advance

Alcoholpassport.fi offers several Alcohol Passport tests throughout Finland on a weekly basis, but the spots are limited per session. That's why it's always recommended to register for the test well in advance to secure your preferred date and time. However, make sure you allocate enough time to prepare for the test thoroughly! Each test session costs and many educational institutions do not offer retests at a discounted price.

Register for the Alcohol Passport test.

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2. Study Valvira's material: Serving of alcoholic beverages

The format and questions of Alcohol Passport tests may vary among educational institutions, but all tests are based on the learning material published by Valvira, the Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health. The booklet Serving of alcoholic beverages is the most important and critical study material for preparing for an Alcohol Passport test.

The themes of the Alcohol Passport test are:

  • Serving of alcoholic beverages
  • Marketing of alcoholic beverages in restaurants
  • Supervision and sanctions

Note that the last chapter of the publication, Applying for a serving license, is not included in the content of the Alcohol Passport test!

Access the publication Serving of alcoholic beverages here.

3. Trainify.fi | Test your skills before the official test

Once you have studied the essential topics from the Valvira's publication, it's time to put your knowledge to the test! Trainify.fi is a game-like online platform, where you can test your skills by answering similar questions to those in the official Alcohol Passport test. Practicing will help you familiarize yourself with the requirements of the test and improve your ability to provide accurate answers. Each statement and its correct answer is explained to support the learning process!

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4. Bring your identification document with you to the test!

For the Alcohol Passport test, you need to bring a valid official identification document with a photo:

"It's also recommended to check the validity of your identification document in advance so that it doesn't expire a few days before the test. Always bring an official, valid and photo-bearing identification document to the test!"
- Customer service representative, Aleksi Vesala, Alcoholpassport.fi.

What are acceptable forms of identification?

  • An identification with a picture approved by an official (Police) including, an official identification cardpassport and a Finnish driver's license (a moped license is also acceptable)
  • An alien's passport and a refugee travel document 

  • A stamped document, given by the police or Finnish Border Guard, which proves your passport is in the possession of an official. The document must include a copy of the passport.

What forms are not valid proof of identification?

  • An expired driving license, passport or ID card
  • A foreign driver's license
  • A Finnish Kela card with picture

  • A Finnish military passport

  • A residency card (without passport)

  • A reception centre client card

  • Photocopies of ID cards, passports or other documents

  • Any form of identification on which it is easy to change the photo or is missing a name or a social security numb

5. Trust yourself and your knowledge

When you take the Alcohol Passport test, it's important to trust yourself and your capabilities. You have worked hard studying and practicing answering questions. Focus calmly on the questions, read them carefully, and provide your best answers.

Trust yourself – you have all the prerequisites to pass the Alcohol Passport test!

Good luck on your test!