Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Who needs an alcohol passport?

The ''responsible manager test'', in other words alcohol passport test must be completed all those who wish to act as a responsible manager or as a substitute at licensed premises.

Can a person under 18-years old do the alcohol passport test?

It is possible, but the licensed premises serving alcoholic beverages cannot use a person who has not attained 18 years. Additional information on Valvira's site, Responsible managers.

How do I take the alcohol passport test?

You can gain an alcohol passport by participating in an alcohol passport test arranged by an educational institution of the food and catering industry. Alcohol proficiency test arrangements depend on the educational institution. This is why contents, like question types, number of questions and needed score to pass, can change.

According to Valvira's guidelines, the educational institutions has to have at least 30 questions on the test and at least 80 % of them correct to pass the test.

Which areas should the holder of an Alcohol Passport master?

The alcohol passport test tests alcohol legislation and knowledge of drinks. The areas of the alcohol passport test are:

  • Serving of alcoholic beverages
  • Marketing of alcoholic beverages in restaurants
  • Supervision and sanctions

    The following themes have been removed from the Valvira's official guideline for educational institutions, regarding the alcohol passport test arrangements, in the spring 2022:

    • Granting a serving license
    • License and supervision fees

    Do I have to participate in a training in order to get the alcohol passport?

    In order to get the alcohol passport one does not need to take part in a training. However, doing so, it is a good way to be prepared for the test.

    How can I register for the test? 

    Test times and places can be found on our website, where you can also sign up for our tests. At the moment the system operates in Finnish and in English.

    What is the price of alcohol passport test?

    The price of the alcohol passport test and payment methods depends on the educational institute. Usually, the renewal test is a bit cheaper than the first alcohol passport test. More details of the prices and payment methods can be found under the alcohol passport test of your choice. 

    How do I prepare for the alcohol passport test?

    We recommend that you prepare for the alcohol passport test. The educational institutions base the alcohol passport tests on Valvira's material, Serving of alcohol beverages on licensed premises. Please read the material carefully! You can also test your skills on

    We arrange tailored alcohol passport training and tests for groups and companies. Request for an offer!

    What are acceptable forms of identification?

    • An identification with a picture approved by an official (Police) including, an official identification cardpassport and a Finnish driver's license (a moped license is also acceptable)
    • An alien's passport and a refugee travel document 

    • A stamped document, given by the police or Finnish Border Guard, which proves your passport is in the possession of an official. The document must include a copy of the passport.

    What forms are not valid proof of identification?

    • An expired driving license, passport or ID card
    • A foreign driver's license
    • A Finnish Kela card with picture

    • A Finnish military passport

    • A residency card (without passport)

    • A reception centre client card

    • Photocopies of ID cards, passports or other documents

    • Any form of identification on which it is easy to change the photo or is missing a name or a social security numb

    I didn't pass the alcohol passport test. How can I find out about wrong/right answers?

    The original or copied alcohol passport tests are not given to test participants or to other people. If you want to inquire answers to your alcohol passport test, you can do this right after the alcohol passport test has ended or you can go your test through with the instructor later. Please contact to customer service for more details.

    I have lost my alcohol passport. What do I do?

    If you have lost your alcohol passport please ask for a copy of your alcohol passport from the educational institution that granted it. Valvira does not keep a register of completed alcohol passport tests.

    When the official alcohol passport will arrive?

    The official alcohol passport will arrive via post or email within 2-4 weeks from the alcohol passport test day.

    For how long is the alcohol passport valid?

    The alcohol passport is valid until further notice.