Alcohol Passport

Alcohol passport is a certificate of alcohol proficiency indicating knowledge of Alcohol Act and how it's supervised. The alcohol passport is needed if one is working as a responsible manager or as his/her substitute. The responsible manager and his/her substitutes are, besides the licence holder, responsible for overseeing that the licensed premises observe the provisions of the Alcohol Act.

Additional information about working in licensed premises and the working requirements can be found on Valvira's site Responsible managers.

Alcohol passport tests are arranged by educational institutions providing training in the restaurant and catering sector. The alcohol passport and alcohol proficiency can also be included in a degree of hotel, restaurant and catering.

Information regarding the Alcohol Passport Test

  • Anyone participating in an alcohol passport test must prove their identity.

  • Those who successfully pass the alcohol passport test are given a certificate of mastering the provisions of serving (alcohol passport).

  • Anyone taking the alcohol passport test is responsible for obtaining his/her own training material. Self-education material can be found on our Material-site.

  • The alcohol passport test is done in writing or on a computer. The test is comprised of correct/incorrect statements or other question types.

  • Alcohol passport test arrangements depend on the educational institution. This is why contents, like question types, number of questions and needed score to pass, can vary. According to Valvira's guidelines, the educational institutions has to have at least 30 questions on the test and at least 80 % of them correct to pass the test.

  • The official Alcohol Passport will arrive via post or email within 2-4 weeks from the alcohol passport test day.

Contents of the Alcohol Passport Test

The alcohol passport tests are always based on Valvira's material Serving of alcoholic beverages in licenced premises.

The themes of alcohol passport test are:

  • Serving of alcoholic beverages
  • Marketing of alcoholic beverages in restaurants
  • Supervision and sanctions

The following themes have been removed from the Valvira's official guideline for educational institutions, regarding the alcohol passport test arrangements, in the spring 2022:

  • Granting a serving license
  • License and supervision fees