Alcohol Passport Under the Age of 18 – Clarifying the Rules

At what age can someone obtain an Alcohol Passport? Can a person under the age of 18 work as a responsible manager at a licensed premises. What is the minimum age requirement for obtaining an Alcohol Passport in Finland? At what age can one work as a responsible manager in a licensed establishment? Read on to find out!

There is no age limit for obtaining an Alcohol Passport

In theory, anyone can complete the certification regardless of their age. However, it is important to note that individuals under the age of 18 cannot work as responsible managers at licensed premises, nor can they independently sell or serve alcoholic beverages.

According to the legislation, individuals who are 16 years old can work as servers and serve alcoholic beverages, but only under the immediate supervision of a responsible manager or a designated adult. This means that underage individuals can participate in alcohol-serving activities but must be constantly supervised by an adult. The responsible manager or designated person must be at least 18 years old and present when the establishment is open to customers.

Obtaining an Alcohol Passport can be beneficial for young individuals interested in the alcohol and hospitality industry. It provides fundamental knowledge about serving and handling alcoholic beverages while teaching responsible practices. Although an Alcohol Passport is not necessary for all industry employees, many employers value it, increasing employment opportunities for young individuals and giving them an advantage in job applications.

Alcohol Passport and Age

Working in the alcohol industry requires responsibility and strict adherence to regulations. Obtaining an Alcohol Passport can open doors for young professionals in the industry, and working in a licensed premises can offer valuable experience when age restrictions and supervision are taken into account!

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