Alcohol Passport Vocabulary

The vocabulary related to the sale and serving of alcoholic beverages can seem complicated, especially if you are still learning English. The following list will help you learn the vocabulary related to the alcohol passports in simple English.

  1. Serving alcoholic beverages: Serving alcohol means selling alcoholic drinks. This happens in places where alcohol is served, such as restaurants or bars.
  2. Licensed premise: A place where alcoholic beverages are sold. Typical serving places include restaurants and bars.
  3. Alcohol Act: The law in force in Finland that explains how you can sell, buy, and use alcohol in the country.
  4. Alcohol passport: A certificate that shows you understand the basics of Finnish Alcohol Act. The alcohol passport is mandatory if you work in a licensed premises as a responsible manager or as a substitute for the responsible manager.
  5. Valvira: An agency in Finland that oversees and guides alcohol-related matters. Valvira ensures that licensed premises follow the Finnish Alcohol Act.
  6. Responsible manager: An employee in a licensed premises who is responsible for ensuring that alcohol laws are followed at the workplace. The alcohol passport is mandatory for such employees. The responsible manager or his/her substitute must always be present in the in a licensed premises.
  7. Validity of an alcohol passport: The alcohol passport is valid indefinitely and does not expire. This means that once obtained, it does not need renewal.

Where is the alcohol passport needed?

The alcohol passport is mandatory if you work in a serving place as a responsible manager or as their substitute. If you don't have responsibilities or are not a substitute for a responsible manager at your workplace, you can sell alcohol without an alcohol passport.

However, in many job positions, such as a waiter or bartender, having an alcohol passport can be beneficial. It is also a positive aspect in job-seeking situations, as the alcohol passport allows you to demonstrate your understanding of Finnish Alcohol Act. Remember to keep the alcohol passport safe, as it is valid indefinitely and does not require renewal!

How do I get an alcohol passport?

  • You obtain an alcohol passport by passing the alcohol passport test. The purpose of the test is to assess how well you know Finnish Alcohol Act.
  • The test format, the number of questions, and the test duration vary from one institution to another, so each school may have a different test.
  • Questions can be true-false statements, multiple-choice questions, or open-ended questions that require a written response. organizes tests in various locations throughout Finland. Check here for test locations and sign up for the test!

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