Autumn 2023 - Alcohol Passport News

Ava-akatemia's Campaign Prices 1.11.–31.12.2023

In November, Ava-akatemia is launching a campaign where end-of-year tests are available at a reduced price: for 49 €. Campaign prices are valid from the beginning of November to the end of the year: 1.11.–31.12.2023

Expanded Language Options at Perho

Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College offers a diverse range of languages for end-of-year tests. In addition to Finnish and English, at Perho, you can also take the alcohol passport test in Chinese, Italian, and Russian.

Alcohol Passport Test in Tampere, Rovaniemi and Jyväksylä

In the end of the year, it is possible to take the alcohol passport test outside of Helsinki, including locations such as Tampere, Jyväskylä, and Rovaniemi!

You can see all the end-of-year alcohol passport tests here!