NEW: Alcohol Passport online prep trainings

Get ready for your Alcohol Passport Test by attending an online prep training!'s partner schools are now offering online prep trainings in Finnish and English to prepare yourself for the Alcohol Passport Test. Listen, discuss the subjects and ask questions from the instructor. The trainings include the basic knowledge of serving alcoholic beverages and alcohol legislation based on Valvira's material.

The first online prep training in Finnish will be arranged on Thu 3.2.2022 at 10 AM. The first online prep training in English will be arranged on Tue 8.2.2022 at 10 AM. You can check the whole training schedule from the training site!

The trainings are arranged on Teams. It's easy to use! We recommend to follow the training from a computer screen.

You'll recognize the prep trainings on the test list from an orange background. You can also register for the training upon the test registration.

The trainings doesn't include the Alcohol Passport Test. The test can't be done online. Please register for the test separately. We also want to remind you that all Alcohol Passport Tests are based on the Valvira's material that can be easily found through's material-page.

Welcome to join the trainings!