Customer service at the heart

– Interview with customer service representative, Aleksi Vesala's customer service is primarily managed by knowledgeable, sunny, and diligent Aleksi Vesala. He joined the team at Osaamistehdas (which includes the brands,, and around six months ago, but in a short period, he has become an essential member of the team, sought after by both customers and the office staff.

We sat down with Aleksi and asked him about his customer service role and for tips on passing the Anniskelupassi test.

1. You've been with Osaamistehdas for about six months now. How has the job felt overall?

Absolutely fantastic! Osaamistehdas provides a pleasant working environment, great colleagues, and a positive atmosphere. I transitioned directly from a job in the retail sector, which was also highly customer-oriented but quite different in nature. I didn't have much prior knowledge of Hygiene or Alcohol Passport matters, so I've learned a lot in a short time. However, I've received a lot of help and support from colleagues, Alcohol Passport test instructors and contact persons from our partner educational institutions.

2. Your job includes customer service, handling email messages and phone calls from customers. What's most important to you in customer service?

I would describe myself as extremely customer-service-oriented. I love doing customer service! What I enjoy most is being able to genuinely help and find solutions to customers' problems. In my opinion, a good customer service representative is someone who works genuinely. Additionally, it's essential to develop a clear way of communication to avoid misunderstandings. I've honed my communication style accordingly.

3. What are the most common questions customers ask about Alcohol Passport tests and how do you respond to them?

Many customers inquire about missing certificates because some of our partner educational institutions send Alcohol Passports electronically. Often, in such cases, the email has ended up in the spam folder, where messages are automatically deleted. In these situations, I always request the correct partner educational institution to resend the passport to the customer because ultimately, the most important thing is that the customer receives the certificate they are entitled to.

Many also ask about the registration process for Hygiene and Alcohol Passport tests. In cases of registration issues, I always aim to guide the customer through the process step by step, either over the phone or via email. It can sometimes take a while and require multiple repetitions, but that's okay! I'm more than happy to act as technical support for customers in these situations.

4. What is the most important piece of advice you give to customers preparing for Alcohol Passport tests?

Study and prepare well in advance! It's always a good idea to thoroughly study the basics of alcohol service from the Valvira's material because the test questions are based on this.

As an additional aid for studying, I recommend because it makes it easy to test your knowledge. doesn't have the same questions as the Alcohol Passport test, as each test provider creates their own questions, but there are similar questions available.

Lastly, it's important to check the validity of your ID in advance so that it doesn't expire a couple of days before the test. You should always bring an official, valid, and photo ID to the Alcohol Passport test!

5. What kind of feedback have you received from customers so far?

I've mainly received very positive feedback! Customers have praised the friendly service and quick responses. It's also been heartwarming to see many customers sending heart emojis in their messages - emojis are always welcome!

6. What is the most meaningful/loveliest aspect of your job?

Definitely the customers! And of course, my colleagues.

What is an Alcohol Passport and how can I obtain it? I need help with test registration!

Please contact us by sending an email to or by calling our customer service number at 0400 809 009.

We aim to respond to all email messages within 24 hours, depending on any exceptional circumstances. If you have something urgent, it's always a good idea to call! Phone hours are from 10–15 on weekdays.

Aleksi and the rest of the team at Osaamistehdas are also available for additional support and guidance regarding Alcohol Passport matters at our Helsinki office. Please contact us by email or phone before visiting the office!