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The Alcohol Passport Opens Doors in the Job Market

The Alcohol Passport is proof that you understand the regulations, guidelines and legislation related to serving alcoholic beverages. The passport is essential when you work as the responsible person in charge of a beverage service or as their substitute. You can obtain the certificate by passing the Alcohol Passport test. However, this test is not one that can be passed without proper preparation!

The structure, types of tasks and the number of points required for passing the test may vary between educational institutions that organize the tests. The test should include a minimum of 30 questions and passing requires at least 80 % correct answers. The questions are either true/false statements or multiple-choice questions. All questions are based on Valvira's publication Serving Alcoholic Beverages.

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The Serving Alcoholic Beverages publication by Valvira thoroughly covers the theoretical aspect of the test's topic. With the statements provided by, you can assess your knowledge and focus on the topics that are more challenging for you.'s comprehensive and diverse practice tests help deepen your understanding of the regulations, guidelines, and legislation related to beverage service. Each statement in the practice test is explained in a clear and understandable way to support your learning. - The best way to prepare for the Alcohol Passport test

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